Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

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At almost four and half times the height of the UK’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro is scenically incredible and seriously impressive. Although a trek to the top of the mountain (5895 meters above sea level) doesn’t involve any technical skill, the high altitude makes this a serious undertaking. You will need to allow 6-8 nights on the mountain, with the longer duration providing the higher success rates. The longer excursion will allow you to acclimatise to the mountain’s altitude, with accommodation en route consisting of tented rooms with varying degrees of home comforts available. It is worth noting that there are no permanent camps on the mountain so, everything is carried up and down by porters and is relatively basic; if camping is not your thing then this experience may not be for you!

There are several routes up the mountain to consider, each with various pros and cons dependent upon the time of year of your climb. The other element to consider is the cost involved; to climb the mountain properly and comfortably you will need an average of 4+ porters per person (more with a smaller group), as well as a head guide and further support crew. As a result, this is a relatively costly undertaking and it is also advisable to take part in a minimum of 3 months training in preparation for your climb.

All of those points aside, a trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro certainly ranks as being one of the greatest outdoor challenges on the planet and, for those with the dedication, an experience of a lifetime.