Mahale and Katavi National Parks

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Katavi National Park is about as remote as it is possible to get in Tanzania; even today it is somewhere that very few are lucky enough to have visited, with those that do feeling like they have had the 4,500 square kilometres to themselves. Despite only two small accommodation options available, these do not get busy and it is common not to see another vehicle whilst on safari. The park is a mix of wide floodplains, dense woodland and seasonal rivers which are the focus of the wildlife viewing. Famous for the largest gathering of buffalo known in Africa, as well as thousand strong pods of hippo and cave-dwelling crocodiles as well as elephants, lions, hyenas, zebras, topis, giraffes and many more.
One of the most remote places in Tanzania – but only around 1 hour by light aircraft from Katavi –  the two destinations are often combined in itineraries to offer contrasting experiences of Tanzania. A striking forested mountain range cascades to the shoreline of the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest and second largest lake by volume in the world. The view from the shoreline will be that of a pristine sandy beach, vast lake and the huge forests of the Congo, whilst situated behind you is the forested mountains of Mahale most famous for up-close encounters with chimpanzees. While the chimps are habituated to humans, there is no telling where they are going to be, meaning that treks can last multiple hours through virgin jungle, but this only adds to the sense of adventure and spending time with the chimps is well worth any effort. The chimps are the park’s obvious highlight, although other activities available include snorkelling, kayaking and forest walks. The likelihood of not seeing chimps on an individual trek is fairly high, so we suggest staying for three to four nights to maximise your chances.

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