Ndutu Safari Lodge

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The Serengeti is split into several regions with Ndutu being in the very south, an excellent location in January and February as this is where the wildebeest reliably (as reliable as wild animals can be) stop to calf and hang around for a little while. So, for around two months, Ndutu safari lodge is in the perfect location to marvel at one of nature’s greatest spectacle – the great migration. The lodge can be considered at other times of year, but we feel that outside the peak times there are better locations for your safari adventure.

The lodge is simple and comfortable, set amongst giant acacia trees, with a lounge, restaurant and bar in the main thatched building. Each of the 34 en-suite cottages are made from stone, which gives a secure feeling, with a veranda facing the nearby lake. If you are happy with accommodation on the more simple side of things, perfectly comfortable but no frills, and you are looking to travel in January or February then this will be perfect for you. If you want to raise standards a little then it might be worth looking at an alternative, perhaps one of the higher end tented camps.

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